As a tenant, you have lots of things you care about and want to protect. At Desjardins Insurance, we offer a range of tenant insurance options to protect your property and cover you against accidental damage caused to other’s property.

Whether you’re a student renting short-term or a couple moving into the ideal first home together, our simple and affordable options can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Quick tip: if you’re a student, check your parents’ policy first. It might automatically extend coverage to you.

What’s typically covered?

Loss or damage from situations like fire, theft, certain water damage and vandalism. What’s more, if your apartment is seriously damaged due to an insured loss, tenant insurance would also cover your additional living expenses while it’s being repaired. That’s a good feeling.

Tenant insurance also provides liability coverage if someone is hurt due to your negligence. So if a guest slips and falls because of a wet floor in your apartment, you’re covered.

How much coverage is enough?

It mostly depends on the value of your contents. Be smart – take an inventory, together with photographs.

Walk from room to room and list all furniture, all items in your closets, and all electronics like your computer, printer, TV, video game system and games etc.

Keep in mind that coverage for some insured items may be subject to exclusions or maximum limits. Read your policy carefully.