At Desjardins Insurance, we know how much your pet means to you. That’s why we’re offering a pet insurance program to help take care of your best friend, today and into the future.

We developed our new program after talking to pet owners and vets. The result is a choice of three easy, comprehensive plans: Bronze Paw, Silver Paw and Gold Paw.

These three plans offer a vast array of quality coverage to ensure you peace of mind. Whatever level you choose, we will reimburse you for 80% of veterinary fees due to accidents or illness. Your pet counts with us.

How much coverage is enough?
You hope your pet will be with you for a long time. Be sure to check that the level of coverage you choose will meet both current and future health needs, as well as your financial needs.

Just as with any insurance, changing coverage after a medical condition has occurred can exclude or restrict the amount available for that condition in a new policy. It’s a good thing to keep this in mind. Remember that your vet will be required to disclose your pet’s medical history on request.

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