Eco-friendly company reminds Canadians to be advised of slippery walkways

An environmental advocacy company that provides eco-friendly products to consumers and businesses has a message for Canadians: If they plan on hosting parties this winter, make sure walkways and parking lots are lined with material that prevents guests from slipping.

“Whether hosting or attending an event this winter, it’s very risky without the appropriate non-toxic solution for traction over ice and snow on walkways and driveways,” said Mark Watson, CEO of Earth Innovations, which provides a granule-based solution that is similar to sand or salt but is harmless to plants and animals. “Weather can easily change quickly and it’s important to be prepared throughout the winter.”

According to the source, several legal cases have developed after party guests sustained injuries after falling, suing policyholders and businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars. These suits have often led to awards for pain and suffering and future care costs.

While businesses and policyholders may be liable for a person’s injury if it was sustained on their property, they cannot be sued if party attendees got into an accident on the way to the party, whether by walking or in a car. Employers may want to remind their employees who are attending a company-sponsored party that their group auto insurance policy will cover medical costs if they are injured in a car accident.