Safe driving pays with Ajusto

Use your smartphone to track and improve your driving—and save up to 25%!

With the Ajusto program, you can learn more about your driving habits and get rewarded for how you drive, all from your mobile device.

Drive better, improve road safety and save on your auto insurance. It’s in your hands.

With Ajusto , you get the information you need to improve your driving, right from your smartphone—no more plugging a device into your car. With street-by-street feedback on each driving trip you take, you can see for yourself where and how you can drive better.

With Ajusto you’ll drive safer and save money on your auto insurance. It’s what we call a win-win!

The Ajusto program rates your driving on each trip, and calculates your score using four simple criteria. Your score is then converted to savings when it’s time to renew your policy. The higher your score, the higher your savings!

Here’s what your score is based on:

  1. Driving smoothness. Do you accelerate fast, brake late or corner hard? Driving smoother will help your savings go up.
  2. Stick to the speed limit and you’ll lower your accident risk—and raise your score at the same time.
  3. Time of day you drive. Nighttime driving is riskier than driving during the day. Do most of your travel in the daylight for a higher score.
  4. The shorter the distance you drive, the less likely you are to have an accident. Shorter travels = higher scores.

Did You Know? You can only save with Ajusto. You’ll never be penalized and your premiums will never go up based on your driving score.

To sign up for the Ajusto program, you need:

  • An auto insurance policy from Desjardins Insurance
  • A smartphone (iPhone or Android device) that’s no more than 3 years old
  • A data plan

Once you’ve signed up, download the app onto your smartphone, create your profile and you’re done! You can start monitoring your driving habits after 5 trips behind the wheel.

Get started today!

Not convinced yet? You can still try the Ajusto program for a free 90-day test drive. Track your driving, see how you compare to other drivers, and connect with your friends.

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